July 09 Pot Luck Dinner at St. Luke's

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Caption  :  Katelyn, Nick & Pam
Caption  :  Foreground: John & Peggy, Trisha & Nancy and the back of Melissa's head. Background: Diane, Dawn & back of Karen's head
Caption  :  Lois, Richard, Melissa, Peggy & back of Nancy's head
Caption  :  Back of Nancy's head, Peggy & John, Karen & back of Tricia's head
Caption  :  Dick checking out the food table
Caption  :  L-R Angie & Jose, back of Terry's head, Meghan & Flo
Caption  :  L-R Terry, Flo, Angie & Jose, Victor & Meghan's arm
Caption  :  L-R Diane, James, Dawn, David & back of Blake's head
Caption  :  L-R James, Dawn, David & back of Blake's head & Ryan
Caption  :  Pam in back and Aria talking to Virginia,
Caption  :  L-R: Melissa, Katelyn, Richard, John, Nick, Peggy & 1/2 Cindy. It's Nick's 30th and John's xx B-day
Caption  :  L-R: John & Peggy, Nick & Cindy with Melissa in background
Caption  :  The Birthday Boys, John & Nick
Caption  :  L-R: Front- Tricia, Meghan, Karen(seated), Nancy. Back- Diane, Victor, Cindy, Peggy
Caption  :  L:R: Sarah & Kyra
Caption  :  L-R at the Dessert table: Patty, Cindy, Diane, Karen, Peggy, Dawn
Caption  :  L-R: David (standing), James, Angie & Jose
Caption  :  Back: Kyra & Sarah, Virginia with Aria & Lea with Blake & Ryan in foreground.
Caption  :  L-R: Trica, Nancy, Lois, Richard & Melissa
Caption  :  L-R: Katelyn, Nancy, John, Lady from church group who sang a great happy birthday for John & Nick, Nick & Cindy
Caption  :  Farmer Mark ready to eat
Caption  :  Meghan, Victor, Flo & Terry's arm
Caption  :  The dessert table
Caption  :  Debbie & Karen
Caption  :  back of Nick, John & Katelyn with Virginia & David in back.
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