Here are some photos of the CNJBTSG 2008 Holiday Party

Holiday_Party_08_ 1.JPG (134312 bytes)

Flo &  Henry Marazia with Pam Kline the first arrivals.


Holiday_Party_08_ 2.JPG (163337 bytes)

Virginia Shrodo , Patty & Lea Anthony

Holiday_Party_08_ 3.JPG (171151 bytes)

Kyra & Aria Anthony


Holiday_Party_08_ 4.JPG (147340 bytes)

Leah, Katie,Julia & Marybeth Chrisbacher, Nick DeGirolamo, Katelyn Prasnal, Pam Kline, Karleen McKelvey,Sarah Bier, Kyra Anthony & Diane Bier

Holiday_Party_08_ 6.JPG (120924 bytes)

Stran Shrodo, Flo Marazia & Marian Kline.


Holiday_Party_08_ 7.JPG (138610 bytes)

Diane Bier & Kyra Anthony (In Door), Debbie Persaud, Nancy & Christine Michaels and Lea Anthony in front.


Holiday_Party_08_ 8.JPG (144958 bytes)

Pam Kline, Karleen & Josh McKelvey,Sarah Bier, Kyra Anthony. Jim Kline & Diane Bier in back.


Holiday_Party_08_ 9.JPG (149250 bytes)

Henry Marazia wearing the Santa Powder Room Set

Holiday_Party_08_ 10.JPG (151894 bytes)

Henry Marazia trying on the Santa Powder Room Set


Holiday_Party_08_ 11.JPG (173716 bytes)

Jason McKelvey, Marian & Pam Kline in back and Jim McKelvey in front.


Holiday_Party_08_ 12.JPG (171968 bytes)

Jason, Karleen & Jim McKelveyPam & Marian Kline in back, Flo Marazia, Diane Bier & son Blake.


Holiday_Party_08_ 13.JPG (145310 bytes)

Karleen McKelvey & Peggy LaNoce on clean-up detail.


Holiday_Party_08_ 14.JPG (167493 bytes)

Sitting Matt,Mona& Flo. Victor & Meghan Vilela, Diane & David Bier, Jim Kline's head

Holiday_Party_08_ 15.JPG (148211 bytes)

Mona Barone, Matt Gubala & Flo Marazia.

Click here to see the photos taken by Diane and David Bier.