Here are some photos of the CNJBTSG 2006 Holiday Party


Hol Party06 01.jpg (112226 bytes)

 Stan with Jimmy "Super" Fang, Debbie Persaud the first arrivals.


Hol Party06 02.jpg (109332 bytes)

Fred & Lena Esposito and Henry Marazia  (Lena <Meningioma in 1991> is last original support group member)


Hol Party06 03.jpg (106684 bytes)

Patty's twins.  Aria & Lea.... or is Lea & Aria?  Only Patty knows for sure!


Hol Party06 04.jpg (97517 bytes)

Helping ourselves to the delicious Pot-Luck dinner


Hol Party06 05.jpg (133043 bytes)

The Barsh family in foreground, Marazia family the Lisa Tranchida wiht Fred & Lena Esposito.


Hol Party06 07.jpg (91408 bytes)

Some of the kids drawing and playing with their gifts.


Hol Party06 08.jpg (123289 bytes)

Irv & Beatrice Grossman talking to Gert Zdanowski with Daran in the back.


Hol Party06 09.jpg (87404 bytes)

The serving area.


Hol Party06 10.jpg (99830 bytes)

Opening the stockings


Hol Party06 11.jpg (117479 bytes)

Milka Bier with her friend Michael.


Hol Party06 12.jpg (101258 bytes)

Jim, Pam and Marian Kline


Hol Party06 13.jpg (139156 bytes)

Christine Testa with her mother Gert Zdanowski


Hol Party06 14.jpg (114084 bytes)

The dessert area.



Hol Party06 15.jpg (49757 bytes)    Hol Party06 17.jpg (80144 bytes)

Debbie Persaud with one of Patty's twins and Jimmy Fang with the other twin.


Hol Party06 16.jpg (142115 bytes)

The group photo compliments of Jimmy Fang.