Donna Schenkel, Chris Reagan


Veronica Regan - Chris & Donna's  Mom

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"I think it's probably the most devastating cancer I know of."Dr. Keith L. Black. That pretty much sums up the reason for this page and the reason why we are so passionate about this cause and all causes related to brain cancer, support, treatment and awareness. For eight and a half years as many of you know well, our mother Veronica Reagan, has been battling brain cancer. Originally diagnosed with a grade three tumor, her tumor advanced to a grade 4 tumor, and in short what that means is that while the tumor kicked it up a notch, the therapy also had to be tuned up, and while fighting the tumor, the treatment has certainly fought our mom’s body in so many other ways as well. In eight and a half years she has undergone three brain surgeries, radiation, experimental IMRT radiation and chemotherapy pretty much since the start. When our mom was first diagnosed we, like many had a hard time putting our head around the whole situation and reached out to anywhere for support and information. So many organizations while big in stature were just too big to really provide the personal support and help we were looking for. One day, while googling brain tumors and NJ the Central NJ Brain Tumor Support Group popped up in the results. There was a local number and it was quickly dialed. What resulted from this quick google search was finding probably one of the most compassionate, understanding and empathetic group of people we have ever come into contact with. We can still remember where we were when Virginia answered the phone, and finally we had found someone who “just knew” what we were going through. This support group, lead by a husband and wife team, Stan and Virginia, when there son Matthew was diagnosed with a brain tumor has been a constant source of strength, comfort, and knowledge. Stan and Virginia keep the support group alive as that was their son’s wish, and they are truly angels on earth. They and all the people that we have come to know through this group are there in good times and bad, at anytime, and anywhere. They provide valuable support both emotionally as well as therapeutically, constantly sharing information on new treatment options available, and whether it is meeting for coffee at dunkin donuts just to talk, or sitting in a car on a cold windy night brainstorming, they are people who know, people who care and people who help just because they know what you are going through, have been there and know how difficult it can be.

So, with this cause in our heart and our mom ever in our heart and on our minds, we are setting out to run the NJ ½ marathon in May as a relay team, united in a common cause, with a loved one we so ever cherish, that has been through so much. Donna will also take on the Boston Marathon in April as well on behalf of the Central NJ Brain Tumor Support Group. The funds go directly to the support group and its members, as well as to help fund an annual conference that provides valuable information and support topics to brain tumor patients. While these events are challenging, they are nothing compared to the daily struggles that brain tumor survivors and their families face every day. And for every patient facing these challenges, there is an angel looking down upon them that has faced them before, and for a combination of these two, we have HOPE for a tomorrow where this disease is manageable and the burden so much lighter for all involved.

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