Katelyn Prasnal & Donna Schenkel


Katelyn Prasnal - 14 year survivor

Donna Schenkel - Ronnie Reagan (mom)

Fundraising Goal: $400.00

Amount Raised: $490.00

My name is Katelyn Prasnal, I just celebrated my 14th year of being a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with a Malignant Medulloblastoma brain tumor in 1998, when I was 10 years old. Since then, I met a lot of great people who were going through the same or similar situations. Unfortunately not everyone wins these terrible battles.

I will be walking my first half marathon relay and have a goal to raise $200.00 that will help fund brain tumor research, conferences, and brain tumor survivors and families.

I'm excited to do this, because I'd like to help make a difference for people who are going through this hard journey.

I’m Donna and it’s hard to believe it has been six months since my mom’s passing. I sit here writing now, very emotion-filled and ever-inspired by the courage and strength that I so often recall not just of my mom through her illness, but throughout her life. Though my mom is flying on angel’s wings, I see her in every day moments: the flutter of a dragonfly’s wings, the rays of sunshine beaming through clouds on a peaceful evening, the smile on my kids faces, the determination and stubbornness of those faces that were my mom’s pride and joy, and the glimmering eyes of my newborn niece. As one of my favorite songwriters so eloquently put it…’all that matters is what you leave behind.’ My mom has left me with so many wonderful memories, but more importantly left me with a core set of values and beliefs that is ever strengthened. And it is because of those core values and beliefs, and because of my mom’s courageous battle, and all that I witnessed along the way, that I am ever passionate about continuing to give hope, support, courage, and valor to those that are valiantly battling brain cancer. I do believe that there is hope for the near and distant future. Progressive treatments are being developed, and I have seen the determination in the eyes of the doctors. But there is also another part of dealing with brain cancer, a very emotional unknown part that sometimes leaves you with a huge void. The Central New Jersey Brain Tumor Support Group helps to fill that void. A group filled with survivors, family member of both survivors and angels, and people that just care. I ran this race last year partnered with my brother at one of the most difficult times in our lives. We ran because there is a strength and determination that emerges while running that somehow makes you see things more clearly and makes what you are dealing with and what lies ahead so much more manageable. I am running this year with Katelyn Prasnal. I have never met her, don’t feel I need to, but have an AMAZING amount of respect and admiration for her. She is a brain tumor survivor! She is joining our group of nearly 25 runners this year. I am honored to be running with her, and honored to be representing such an amazing group of people and supporting a group with unprecedented core values that truly gives right back to its members. Thank you for your support!